What can a massage do?

It can help you feel calm. It can teach you to access this calm whenever you need it. 


Our bodies have forgotten how to be calm, how to take a full breath and pause. We are anxious people, with various aches and pains, not sleeping well. We are burnt out. We are over-reactive and impatient.

Massage brings that calm back, it teaches you how your mind and body can feel. Massage can help you claim that calm, and access it whenever you need it.

Massage can help you feel

  • Less anxious
  • More focused and productive
  • More patient with the people you love
  • More in control of how you respond

To claim your calm is to be composed, collected, and capable. Ready to try massage?


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Clear price, no tipping.

  • 90 minute massage … $140
  • 75 minute massage … $130
  • 60 minute massage … $115

Students up to age 23 and Seniors over age 65 enjoy $20 off the above pricing. Use coupon code SENIOR20 to receive the discount when paying online. 

Gratuities are not accepted.
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