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Rockland Federal Credit Union

No fee checking, locations all over (I use North Attleboro and Mansfield most) Great online banking and an app for my iPhone. The staff is super nice and very kind when I mess up the math on my deposit slips. (Hey, we can’t all be good at everything!)

Rockland Federal Credit Union

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Seriously, do you think I wash twenty sets of massage linens a week myself? Not a chance. Barbara, Lillian and Fadia at 1 Stop Laundromat handle it all. I drop it off and pick it up and it’s incredibly easy. And sometimes Fadia gives me a hug. That’s pretty awesome.

1 Stop Laundromats

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Car Stuff

I love Robert’s Automotive. You know how some auto shops make you feel all uncomfortable and scared like you’re going to get taken advantage of? (Or maybe that’s just me?). I don’t know my transmission from my elbow and these guys never make me feel silly about that. I started taking my car to Bob several years ago, and really, it’s a pleasure. I know I’ll get great work at a fair price.

Robert's Automotive

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Physical Therapy

FOUNDATION Performance in Plainville applies a multi-faceted system of health and rehabilitation specialists to improve the health and physical performance of their clients. I like their style and I trust their work.

Foundation Performance Sports Medicine

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Chiropractic can be a great companion to massage therapy, especially in managing chronic pain issues.

Carnabuci Chiropractic in Plainville
Dr. Necole Larue in North Attleboro

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If you’re looking for yoga, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, reflexology or different types of massage, check out the various practitioners, services and classes right here at Counterpoise Therapeutics.

Counterpoise Therapeutics