Introducing Sliding Scale 60 Minute Massage Appointments

Posted on June 11, 2024 by Allissa Haines

Everyone deserves access to safe, skilled touch. But massage therapy can be pricey. In an effort to make massage more accessible and also run a sustainable business, I’ve created a Sliding Scale Massage appointment.

How does it work?
Sliding Scale Massage is offered via 60 minute appointments. In your email reminder you will receive a payment link and you can choose the fee, from $60 to $115. Please pay for the appointment no later than 8pm on the day of the appointment.

There are 2-3 Sliding Scale appointments available each month, typically at times that I find are harder to fill in my schedule. I attempt a mix of weekday and weekend options.

So... how much should I pay you?
If you are often concerned about having enough to eat and/or a safe place to live and/or safe transportation, I encourage you to choose the lowest end of the scale.

If you are typically food, housing, and transportation secure but concerned about frequent health or caretaking emergencies that will threaten your livelihood or security, please choose the middle area of the scale.

If you are confidently food, housing, and transportation secure, are generally able to take vacations or contribute to savings and retirement goals, please choose the higher end of the scale.

That’s it. No questions asked. 
You can schedule a Sliding Scale appointment here.